2018 Camp Audition Material 

A list of Junior & Senior Concert Band Audition Material (exercise numbers, page numbers & book titles) will be sent to you via Return Mail upon receipt of your completed Application and Deposit.

You may also "click" on the link below to view and print this listing. Due to copyright laws, we cannot provide the printed music. If you do not have the book, please check with your director or a music store.

Click here for 2018 Dixie Band Camp Senior High Audition Material

Click here for 2018 Dixie Band Camp Junior High Audition Material

FOR JUNIOR HIGH, There is an ADDITIONAL  exercise of printed MUSIC (labeled "Exercise A") that all JUNIOR Band Campers must prepare. This exercise will be sent to you upon receipt of your Application or you may click on the links below to view and print the music. 

Jazz Band Audition Material (Junior and Senior High)

Both Jr and Sr High Jazz Band Auditions will consist of Sightreading and Improvisation.
The Improvisation will be on a 12 Bar Blues, in the Key of Bb, with a four bar introduction.

Drummers will demonstrate the following beat patterns in 4/4 time: 
Bossa, Funk, Samba, Shuffle and Swing.

Improv material can be viewed and downloaded from the links below. There is also an Accompaniment MIDI File you may play or download.

Click HERE for Trumpet, Tenor Saxophone 

Click HERE for Alto/Bari Saxophone

Click HERE for Trombone/ Bass

Click HERE for Piano, Guitar

Click HERE for Dixie Blues in Bb Sound File 

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